Krista Sheldon has been immersed in the world of jewelry creation for almost two decades. Her journey began with a profound inspiration drawn from international travels and a deep dive into art history during her studies. Exploring the diverse cultures of Europe, Krista started collecting intriguing artifacts, intaglios, and ancient Roman coins, laying the foundation for her venture into jewelry making.

Her creations range from hand-cast medallions to classic yet captivating pieces. Employing traditional metalsmithing and casting techniques, Krista utilizes precious metals and boasts an extensive selection of ethically sourced lush precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Grateful for the opportunity to connect with people globally through her craft,  Krista’s creations grace the shelves of luxury boutiques and within private collections throughout the world. With a mindful intention to infuse each piece with love and light, Krista meticulously handcrafts her designs in her studio. The result is a collection of versatile and timeless pieces that seamlessly transition to compliment every moment in life.